Fountain Hard Seltzer, the new balanced drinking trend leading the way in the UK

The new American import, Fountain Hard Seltzer is offering greater choice for those of us in the UK looking for a more balanced, low carb, low calorie drinking experience without compromising on flavour or alcohol content.

Fountain Hard Seltzer is an alcoholic flavoured sparkling water (seltzer is the American term for sparkling water). which we sell in large 355ml cans at 5% ABV.

Fountain’s growing popularity has to do with an increasing demand from modern consumers for a far more health conscious choice in their drinks and going out experiences.

Fountain is a craft made, refreshing drink with low calories (100), very low sugar, no sweeteners and infused with fruit. It has the same alcohol content as a beer but is much more refreshing and easy to drink

What makes it healthier?

Fountain has only three ingredients: sparkling water, alcohol and natural flavours.

It is light and refreshing as well as being gluten-free and vegan friendly. This simple recipe means a can contains fewer than 100 calories – around half that of a pint of beer – and is also low in carbohydrates without compromising on alcohol content.






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