We’re Tomas and Bruce, the founders of Fountain.  As two anti-social husbands to wives who became fast friends, we came to realize we could be less anti-, more selectively-social with each other. Fast forward through the sharing of drinks, past lives, family, and career ambitions, and here we are: two guys who love great drinks, the joy they bring, and the fun it is to share them.

When we shared it with our British friends Jon and Fadi, they were in. We decided to partner to launch Fountain in the UK. In fact we’re all so in we decided to make it here, too, so we can be a local partner as people return to laughter, joy, and … well, fun.

Drink from the fountain

What’s the big idea?

Simple: Have fun. Enjoy life. Hang with friends. Have a BBQ. Go out, or stay home. Fly a kite. Knit a scarf. You know what to do. Kick back. Go hard. Or do whatever you want.

We set out to create a drinks company that is clear, transparent, and pure as water. Fountain is brewed with a clean alcohol base and a touch of premium all-natural flavours. With only 93 calories, natural ingredients, and 5% ABV, Fountain Hard Seltzer comes in a number of fresh fruit flavours: Watermelon, Mango, Raspberry and Passionfruit.

A multi-flavour experience

Our Hard Seltzer is simply better than the others

Fountain is brewed, not mixed with spirits. Our flavours are bold and punchy to taste like sparkling sunshine in a can.

All of our products are now produced, canned, and labeled in England, UK. Our goal is to produce the highest quality hard seltzers infused with pure natural flavours. They’re so good, it’s not even fair to call them water.

Try Fountain Hard Seltzer now

Our mission. Don't be dicks

Apart from making the best hard seltzer in the world we know that we want to do it the right way. We want to be good to the people we work with, the communities we live in and the world we are part of.

But most importantly, we don't want to be dicks. There are too many of those in the world already.