Perky Passionfruit. It's lively, refreshing and a little bit cheeky. Almost everyone has a place for passionfruit in their heart as it's a crowd pleaser that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Perfect for hot evenings and a pick me up before a big night out.

Raspberry (All New)

It's hard to describe perfection so we tried to create the perfect hard seltzer instead.

We really think we've nailed it with our brand new flavour, Raspberry. The perfect balance of sweet and sour - you have to try it to understand how good this hard seltzer is!


Our ripe, sweet, savoury and juicy mango is balance perfected and whisks you away on a fluffy cloud to a perfect summer's day all year round. 

Watermelon (New & Improved)

Like biting into a slice of delicious Watermelon straight from the fridge. This light, crisp, refreshing easy drinking flavour is destined to become a classic.