Perky Passionfruit. It's lively, refreshing and a little bit cheeky. Almost everyone has a place for passionfruit in their heart as it's a crowd pleaser that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Perfect for hot evenings and a pick me up before a big night out.

Tangerine (All New)

It's hard to describe perfection so we tried to create the perfect hard seltzer instead.

We really think we've nailed it with our brand new flavour, Tangerine. Blended with orange and tangerine to create a double whammy of flavour hits on your tongue. Zesty. Citrusy. Tangy. You have to try it to understand how good this hard seltzer is!


Our ripe, sweet, savoury and juicy mango is balance perfected and whisks you away on a fluffy cloud to a perfect summer's day all year round. 


Ahh Blueberry. This one is hard to call. For some this is the pick of the bunch and for others a no-go. But that's why we love it, as either way this one ignites the taste buds. Perfect at a campfire or a picnic in the park. 

Tart Cherry

A twist of tartness and a hint of sweetness with just the right amount of fizz. This naughty minx is a legend in the making.


Lime. Always a classic and this one shows it's pedigree. Refreshment is in Lime's DNA and ours pulls out all the stops to deliver to the max. It's zingy, fresh and ready to party. Perfect for that new set at 2.00a.m. This one will get you through to dawn.