What is hard seltzer? Fountain Hard Seltzer

A hard seltzer is an alcoholic, in our case a chart-topping 5% ABV, sparkling water! 

The name seltzer, comes from the American word for fizzy water. It is just plain, natural water, with bubbles added.

The “hard” bit comes from the fact it has been jazzed up with a splash of alcohol.

What's the difference between hard seltzer and spiked seltzer?

Nothing, they are exactly the same, we just don’t like the word “spiked” it feels a bit aggressive and not really the kind of word we want to use.

Why is fountain hard seltzer so good?

Fountain Hard Seltzer is brewed with a gluten-free fermented alcohol base, a touch of premium all-natural flavours and New York City water and nothing else.

Other 'hard seltzers' (we won't name and shame but you know how dirty you are) are made using fruit wines or distilled alcohol.

With less than 90 calories per can, natural ingredients, and 5% ABV, Fountain comes in multiple fresh fruit flavours: Lime, Blueberry, Mango, Passionfruit, Pineapple & Tart Cherry.

Most importantly we really love our drinks and put all our energy into making them taste as good as they can as we want you to love them too.

Is it low in carbs?

Yup. Only 1g in each can. So no beer guts or muffin tops people!

How big are the cans then?

So glad you asked. Our can size is 330ml which is bigger than many other hard seltzers out there. We think you deserve more than just a couple of sips per can.

Fountain hard seltzer comes in 7 flavours

Where was hard seltzer invented?

'Hard Seltzer' was invented in the USA in 2012/2013 by a 5th generation brewer called Nick Shields. Back then it was called Spiked Seltzer. The category didn't take off until 2018-2019 when it became mainstream.

Who and why do people like drinking hard seltzers?

The shift towards a healthier lifestyle has impacted all aspects of life. Traditional alcohol beverage options tended to be high in calorie and carbs and not suited to those who wanted to enjoy a drink with friends but didn't want the beer gut afterwards. Hard seltzers tend to be characterised by being low in carbs and calories and so became popular. 

Festivals and having fun outdoors

One big draw was for those who enjoyed going to gigs, festivals and day time outdoor events. Bored of the limited options of beer (there's only so much you can drink), wine (no thanks white wine rage / stained red teeth) and spirits (you want to last the distance don't you?) - people quickly discovered that hard seltzers were the perfect mix of refreshment, hydration and a clean buzz. 

Still want to know what a hard seltzer is?

Then please try one and discover for yourself! Our discount offers mean you can get a great deal on a pack of 12, 24 or 48 cans to enjoy with friends and family.

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Enjoy fountain hard seltzer on ice